Tried my first class, asides from Zumba.

As you know this gym rat hasn’t been at the gym that much prior to Len’s passing, and after. Yes, I have done some Zumba classes, and gone out dancing, but have concentrated on crunches at the gym, squats, stretches, and the orthopedic specialist’s exercises at home.

Today I went to the Core class, and picked up 3 lb. weights, and the lightest resistance bands. The instructor was pleased to see me, and I told her that I would do the exercises I could, and then my own ones. I just wanted to see them, and be at a class.

I managed 30 minutes, and knew it was time to stop. I believe that I did extra stretching of my left shoulder without causing pain, or overdoing it. I am a very happy camper, as we say in England.



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