My lounge, starting to look like one.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that we hired a U Haul truck the Friday before I went to Treasure Island. The furniture was put in the garage, and then before I left on the Saturday was squashed into my kitchen, and dining area.

I came back this past weekend, and have been advertising my loveseat sofa, recliner, table and 6 new chairs (as Len wouldn’t sit up to the table}, 2 coffee tables for free. I also put the electric recliner for $300 ($1,100 value), and would have accepted an offer for it.

The only responses I have received are for the free items, are for me to deliver. Sure they would go in my Honda Fit. The reason I am offering them for free, is so that I don’t have to pay for another U Haul, and fees to dump them. Are people stupid, or just want handouts without doing anything themselves.

I contacted Am Vets who pick up boxes every couple of weeks that I have sorted out. They can’t do anything until the end of the month. I even took photos to a Consignment shop, and they said that by the time I had paid a pickup fee, and they took their percentage, I would be lucky to break even.

So tonight I am putting the 2 end tables out with the garbage, and hopefully they will take them. Now that the big sofa is in place, the ottoman, 1 of the Persian rugs, I can walk around my condo as it’s been an obstacle course for me.

Len hadn’t let me replace any of the furniture apart from the adjustable bed, with massager, that he complained for years about the price. In the past few years he had the massager on every night for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. I would get him in a sitting position, when getting out of bed. I kept telling him that is was the best money I had ever spent. I will never know if he agreed with me.



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