Day 1 after application, and day 8.

The first photo was, Thursday of last week, down in Tyrone Square Mall. This was after I had my first treatment. I would have to look back and see if I had a full on face photo of my wrinkles prior to that.

I was told to do the blue/red light machine 3 times a week. The second photo was taken last night exactly a week after the first one. I did a side by side comparison, so that you can move it to see the first photo, and then move it the other way to see the second one.

This isn’t an overnight treatment. I was told that it would most likely take 3 months to have a more youthful look. I go back on the 29th for another treatment as I will be in Treasure Island for a board meeting in the morning.

The feature photo is off a couple of weeks ago, before any treatments.


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