I always have to beat my number when working out.

Yes. today I achieved 2,200 crunches on the crunch/ab machine that I like. It took me about an hour, as I take a mouthful of water after each set of 200. I also have the Queen station on Pandora which puts me in the zone.

I have chicken curry that I made a couple of weeks back, froze the remainder, and it’s thawing out, so decided that a Protein yogurt would be a perfect snack. This one is from Aldi, and their own brand. It comes in a pack of 4, and it was less than $3. It only is 100 calories, 0 fat, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and milk fat. It has 11% of daily fiber, and 26% protein (13g). This is what my body required.

The protein was the only reason I chose this one.

It’s mixed berry, very creamy, but a little on the sour side. I will only eat these when I need protein, as I have an assortment of all kinds of yogurts for my needs at the time.

I missed the earlier football match, so watching the replay on Peacock. Later I will probably have music on again, and do some stretching, and dancing. A really nice Sunday for me.



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