The guy was sick.

I was really happy about getting rid of the oversized recliner that is in my dining area right now. He contacted me via the Nextdoor app just before the alloted time to let me know that he was sick, and would p.m. me when he was feeling better. So I went up the road to tell George he wasn’t needed today.

I had missed my Zumba class, so decided to contact England with regards to another overpayment of one of Len’s pensions in April. It was for a similar amount as I had done last month. The exchange rate which always goes in the banks favor, was $1.4264, and the exchange rate was $1.3785 on April the 15th. They overpaid 15 days, and todays rate was $1.3839, so I was charged .0425 extra per 1 GBP. If I hadn’t had a 4.25 cents extra on every pound, on both transactions, and fees in England for sending, and accepting, I wouldn’t be out of pocket for a second time. Thankfully his other pension paid in arrears. This has to be the end of paying money to the English Government, and the County that we lived, and he worked in. I really don’t appreciate paying expenses on money that they needn’t have sent in the first place. The day I had the death certificates I made contact with them in one form or another.

Done, and dusted. File until tax time.



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