This oversized recliner is going today!

My obstacle/maze of a home is now coming together. I have the 8 ft. and 6 ft. sofas in my lounge, also the Persian rug, and the coffee table. In between these are the oversize reclining armchair, the electric armchair, and the double loveseat recliner.

This morning I have a guy picking up the oversized recliner. As he will be in my home, I am having a man in the house. He is my neighbor’s boyfriend. She is loaning him to me, so that I will feel more comfortable, and safe.

Still 2 items to go, but I will get there. Then it will be the dining room furniture, and the bedrooms. No hurry for them, but my home will be what I want, rather than what was the most comfortable for Len.



  1. We’ve just been having a clear out, it’s amazing how many fine antiques and objet d’art, (or as my wife more accurately describes them as junk) one accumulates. We are currently selling an old ride on mower and a pram on Ebay and have a large pile of “stuff” to take to the dump.

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