Received a check from my bank.

I had a check come from my bank, and it looked legitimate, but once before I had received one from Wells Fargo, and that one wasn’t a real one. So I phoned the bank, and waited over 20 minutes to speak to a person.

I gave her my details, and the amount of the check, and she said that is was definitely from them. It was an overpayment on a credit card that had been hacked. I do remember now that I had paid that card, and had a credit on it, but what with the hacked card being changed, losing my new credit card in the house, and then doing the foreign currency payment for the overpayment of Len’s pension yesterday, my brain just wanted working.

They didn’t even put what the money was for, otherwise the penny might have dropped. So now I get to bank some money, which is always nice to do, even though it was my own.



  1. Always nice to get your money back but in this day and age it is such hard work as many companies now don’t have a phone number and you can either email and wait or go on their chat line where you are typing your conversation to someone in another country where it is obvious English is not their first language which means it takes hours. Call me sceptical if you like but I think they make it difficult so you just give up, although I never give up no matter how long it takes, it’s not the money it’s the principal that’s important.

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