What a great workout day.

Yes, I am really being careful with my shoulder, but decided that I need to slowly get back to my routines. In the last week I have done part of 2 core sessions, and a body sculpture one.

Today at 9 a.m. I was with my boxing trainer. I just had my wraps on, as I didn’t want the extra pound of weight of wearing my gloves. We did around 15 minutes of light jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. I also did jabs going forward for 4, and back for 4.

Boxing to Queen music.

The other 15 minutes we concentrated on what I could do with the machines. I did find on one machine that 10 lbs. was too difficult for my shoulder, so didn’t attempt that one. The other ones showed me what I could do.

I had also booked the Body Combat class, which was only minutes away. It had started, but I got to do boxing moves, knees, and kicks. I managed around 30 minutes, and left just before the end.

I didn’t put any pressure on my left shoulder, and am actually thinking that I will eventually get back into being really fit again.

I don’t class my walking, running, dancing, squats, and hour long crunches being fit. I want to feel like I did a year ago, before Len went downhill so quickly. I now have that goal, and plan on achieving it. No time limit, as it will depend on how my shoulder heals.

I did get a MRE Protein Shake at Family Fitness, after doing all this. The flavor ‘Salted caramel’, which I love, and is packed with 40g of protein, 0 sugars, and 230 calories for the 16.9 fl. oz/500 ml. A serving in half of the container, but as I had done a double workout, and I was having it for a meal, I enjoyed the whole carton.






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