I found a notebook of my writing 20 years ago.

As I have written many times, I have been a freelance writer for at least 25 years, could even be 30 years. That was when I would write them down in notebooks, to refer to when I had an assignment, or just for pleasure.

So it was a lovely surprise when I was throwing stuff out, and came across this one. I will be reading my memoirs, and stories, and if I think they are suitable, I will be publishing them here on my blog.

Really excited.



  1. I write a diary every day I started after my father died 1988, an awful lot of it is obviously very mundane but along the way there are moments you remember and treasure which I write at the top of the page and update each year with my new diary so every year I can remember some of the more important things in my life.

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  2. I write every day too. I started when my husband was in the hospital after his brain biopsy. It really helped to get my feelings out and helped deal with his death 3 months later. I just kept it up and, like you said, most days are mundane, but there are some insightful things and great memories too.

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