Body Pump went really well.

I arrived a couple of minutes after class had started, and instead of getting steppers, plates, etc. I picked up the bar, which is metal, 3 lb. and 5 lb. weights.

Using the bar was perfect for me. I was able to do quite a bit of the class, including Clean and Press. When I went to hand weights instead of plates, I was okay with the 5 lb. when in both hands, but even the 3 lb. in my left hand I had to stop after a short time. I am also doing my weekly boxing with my trainer.

I really feel that now I am back in classes most days, that my shoulder will improve more quickly. I do go to Zumba once a week, but dance at home most afternoons.

Photo is of todays lunch, and dinner. I ate some before I realized that I didn’t have the grated cheese on it. Love it with fresh fruit.



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