Drove into Honda with my Fit, and walked out with a CRV.

We have already had a couple of Honda CRV’s, and an HRV, and now I have the Fit. No, I didn’t buy a new vehicle, as I love my Fit, but had to leave it at the dealership. The diagnostic test showed that there was carbon that wasn’t being emitted, and clogging up the engine. That’s what I think I was told. (Being a women and only driving from A to B I only know how to drive) I may not have understood properly.

I got the price down from $609 to $428 including tax. However, I have to leave it with them until Tuesday, so the CRV is a loaner.



  1. Good the price is less than it was. I can check & inflate my tires, I know how to check my fluids & change a tire. I know a bit about what I’m seeing under the hood. I know a lady that has replaced her brake pads & more. She’s done nearly everything except rebuild her transmissions & swap engines! I wish I could say I can do that much, yet, knowing why she’s had to do those things, makes me grateful that I haven’t been forced to learn how.

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