Missing elderly gentleman.

It took the 3 of us, and a neighbor came over got on the truck to pull the loveseat on for us. The 2 guys went in the truck, and I followed in my on loan SUV. When we arrived the lady was going frantic, as her husband with Alzheimer’s had disappeared with his walker.

We got the loveseat onto the ‘dolly’, and put it in the garage. I thanked my friend, and as he wouldn’t let me give him gas money, said that I would pick up Panera coffees, and desserts for them on my next visit.

We then drove around the local roads, and luckily the wife had found him. She took him home, and we said that we would be back tomorrow, bring over the oversized recliner, and set everything up in the house for them.

Yes, that’s where my day has gone. Just disappeared on me.



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