My lounge has new furniture, and I can walk around my house.

Yes, what a relief. It has taken time, and effect, but this morning we got the mans oversized recliner in the back of my loaner SUV, and took that away.

We then came back for the really heavy loveseat recliner that is metal underneath. It came into the house through the front door, and when I went to unlock it, the heavy rains we have had has swollen the wood, and there was no way we could open it.

This meant it had to go through the lounge, dining room, and kitchen, then through the garage. We managed it, with me having to keep going through the patio doors to get into the garage, and then back to the kitchen, and so forth. When it was finally in the garage, we got the tape measure, and it was 3 inches to high to get in the back of the SUV.

I called my girlfriend Donna, as her husband has a truck to see if he would be able to help either today, or tomorrow. Otherwise the HOA would have a talk with me. Both my friend who has helped with the furniture, and Donna’s husband will be here in an hour. They can get it in the truck, and I can then plan out my lounge.

Next it will be the dining room, as I want a smaller table.



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