Great report from my G.P.

As usual my blood work was phenomenal. Everything was in the allotted range, including my platelets, that used to be so low that I was going to the cancer center.

I informed her that I had put on half a stone (7 lbs.), and she told me that she hadn’t said anything, but I was in the range of malnutrition. Now I have moved out of that range. She told me that the stress, worry, lack of sleep, being with Len 24/7 had really taken a toll on me. She said that is is now my time to take care of my life, and have some enjoyment. Also that I went way beyond the duties of a wife, as she didn’t know anyone that had done as much for their spouse.

I got my flu shot too, so happy about that.



  1. Such wonderful news!! I’m so happy for you Susie! I don’t know how you did what you did for so many years. I know, out of Love and devotion but to me you are like a super woman!! You deserve this great report and keep on enjoying your wonderful life! ❀️❀️❀️

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