I have my Honda Fit back.

I have been talking about my vehicle having such low mileage, and just out of warranty to many friends. One asked me what the problem was, and I explained as best as I could. He honestly thought I shouldn’t be paying for this as cars can run for 100,000 miles and not have this happen. He asked me to check out on recalls. I found one for the Fit, and it mentioned carbon buildup. He told me to print it off, and when they phoned me to pick it up, to let him know. That’s why I didn’t get to the gym this morning. I called him, and he followed me in his vehicle.

I introduced him to the service guy that I have known a long time, and showed him the recall. He pulled it up on his screen, and showed us that mine hadn’t been recalled. He did agree that this hadn’t happed before, and gave us a number, and also the telephone number of who to contact.

I had to pay the bill, so used a credit card. He did say that it is possible that this could be a defect, and that we should follow up on it. So I am waiting for my friend to tell me what I would write, and who I should contact, and copy in to the letter.

This afternoon was the doctor that I wrote about, and tonight I am pleased to say that I went to the 6.30 Body Combat class, and managed around 30 minutes. I stopped immediately I couldn’t push my left arm in front of me.

Slowly like a tortoise.


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