My family is fully vaccinated in England but….

my son-in-law has Covid. My eldest granddaughter had it last year, and she was sick for around 5 weeks, my daughter had the cough, and my youngest granddaughter didn’t.

He is tired, has a headache, and generally doesn’t want to do anything but rest.

My daughter told me that she is so thankful that they all have had their vaccines, because they have to use the same rooms. She is a fanatic about hand washing, and sanitizing, so am praying that they do not get it (again for my eldest granddaughter). Will keep you updated.



  1. So true. At the beginning of this Pandemic we lost our son (not due to Covid) and couldn’t even go to see him or be with him during his last days. We trek on though. Stay strong.


  2. I’ve been thinking about the sanitizing craze from back in the early days. It’s interesting that other countries still push hand sanitizer but the US does not. Yes, good hand washing never hurts but I think we’re more focused on mask wearing here. Which we’re not very good at. Hopefully your SIL gets well soon.

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