Covid is still rampant.

I have been hearing from fellow blogger about the amount of children getting Covid at school, and this is one reason many are still doing online learning.

My son-in- law has been lethargic from the beginning, and yesterday had difficulty with his breathing. This is such a worry for my daughter, and her family. They have cancelled everything in the upcoming 2 weeks, includes a short break away.

So praying for all my family, even though they have all been vaccinated.



  1. Prayers For
    To Melt
    Exhaling Peace
    Inhaling Safety



    For All Now
    Again With Love
    Free From Ignorance
    Sadly That Harms All
    Rapes All Maims All

    Kills All
    Out of


    Of Peace
    Of Fearless
    Agape LoVE SMiLinG☺️🙏


  2. In Costa Rica they are hoping to get to 80% vaccination (of total population) by early November. They have never let up on masking (every since the spring surge after Holy Week). They unfortunately don’t have the supply of vaccines that the US has. It’s pathetic that we have the supply and can’t reach the herd immunity level.

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