So enjoyed Brenda’s company tonight.

My girlfriend has had health issues for quite a while, and we have kept trying to get together, and finally managed it tonight. She was even able to do 2 Viennese Waltzes with me. As my parents were dance teachers, when I was a toddler, I got to go and join in. Then I had lessons, and got my medals. With all dance studios, whether here in the states, or where I was in England there were never enough boys/men to dance with. As I was tall, and a dominant dancer, I would take the lead, and do the men’s part.

I love to stand straight, shoulders back, on the balls of the feet, on my toes, arms out, and twirl her around. Many times we have been applauded, or acknowledged for our love of the waltz.

It was an amazing evening.

Image by habanera dance from Pixabay



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