Every week seems a little better.

It is almost 6 months since Len passed away, and it feels like yesterday, in many ways.

The first 4 months felt like hell for me. I cried every day, and looked at the door for Len to walk in. When I woke up I would look at his side of the bed, only to find it empty. If I had seen someone, or had news, I would come into the house ready to share it with him.

In the past 2 months, I now realize I am on my own, and I accept it. I know the reason why, as Len’s body physically gave out, and his mind was going too. The Lord took him, because he was in pain, and I was too. I couldn’t bear to see him like that. It wasn’t my Len.

I have good friends, the gym, the Eagles, my timeshare on the beach, and WordPress with all my friends here. I will live a blessed life, and can do this as I have accepted my lot.



  1. Oh thats a lovely picture of Len…
    you’re right, you must move on Susie and from reading your posts all the time I think you’ve been doing quite well, a bit of sadness will always linger but thats okay… keep sharing, you’ve got WordPress friends from all over the world here with you…

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  2. I totally understand. John has been gone for 15 years and sometimes, it still feels like yesterday. You will always love him and cherish the time you got to spend together. I’m sure he is glad you are taking care of yourself, making new friends, and having fun. Just remember, it is normal to have down days. Don’t beat yourself up when those come. And, it can be the silliest things that trigger it…I remember one for me was seeing two snow shovels in the garage. It’s hard. Sounds like you are doing great.

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  3. Sending hugs and peace your way. I know this must be hard. I hope your memories of him sustain you. I wish there were more I could say, but sadly words fail me just now. Know that you’re in my thoughts.

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