Sorry I haven’t been around today.

This morning I was packing to come to the beach, and then drove down, and stopped off at Panera Bread for lunch. Once at the timeshare I unpacked the small amount of food I would need for a long weekend, and then walked the beach.

I ended up chatting to so many people staying here, and came up to my apartment for half of the blueberry scone from Panera. Then it was back to the beach, and I was chatting on the phone this time, while walking. I came up for the other half of the scone, and of course a bottle of water each time.

Then it was down to the beach to see the sunset, which had to be one of the best ones ever. Everyone was shouting Wow, amazing, fantastic, stunning, etc. I stayed down there as the sky just kept getting brighter all the time. I took a video, but for some reason it won’t upload. Could be the WIFI here. Anyway I wanted to share a photo with you.

I have just had a croissant with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and now it’s time to have a glass of Asti Spumante. Being on my own at the beach is perfection, and I love it.



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