I am my number 1 priority.

Today I was delighted to do the full 30 minutes of boxing. Yes, we were extremely careful with my left shoulder. Just a few jabs, lots of hooks, and uppercuts which allows my shoulder to stay in place. My right hand punches, hooks, and uppercuts are as good as ever, even though I hadn’t been boxing in the past I don’t know how long.

This afternoon I did my 2,200 crunches at the other gym, which has the machine that allows me to do them without affecting my shoulder. So all good on that front.

My girlfriend can’t go dancing tonight, so I am staying in. Yes, I am being spoiled, yesterday a massage, today flowers, and an individual Molten Laver chocolate cake.

Nothing will replace Len, and our memories together, but my life is going on in the right direction. I mustn’t forget my 2 trips to Tyrone Square Mall, where I bought the machine etc., to lessen the wrinkles, and spider veins. Then on Monday I bought the hair straightener that doesn’t damage the hair.

Life is much better than I thought it would be after only 6 months.



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