Having cataract surgery on both eyes.

I was in the first waiting room for 75 minutes, before getting a short confirmation eye exam. I had taken the paperwork from the one I had in July, but they already had it in their system. So it was a quick read the letters on both eyes, eyes dilated, and back to the second waiting room. From here I got called in, and I looked into bright blue lights. As I was leaving that room for the third waiting room, I said will it be the doctor next. She actually said that is was his P.A.

Finally I was in the last room. I was seated while he left the room and dealt with another patient. He read the reports, and then showed me a paper copy of what my eyes showed. The right one the lines were smooth, and the left one had a dip in the lines. He told me that the dip was a astigmatism, which I hadn’t been aware of.

He then got a pamphlet, which showed the Cataract Surgery Options. I looked at it, and asked if both eyes were being done, as I was told the right one was bad. He told me that they were, and went through the different options.

Len had his done, and he went for the H.M.O. covered after the co-pay. I told him that Len had been very happy with those. He did go to the second one on the paper, Basic HD as it would be ‘Treatment of Lower Levels of Astigmatism’ This is an extra $950 per eye. So I said that I would only need that for the left eye, and he agreed.

I have an appointment for measurements, and a consult on what I will be having, details, and dates, the middle of next month. 3 weeks before this I have to use prescription Restasis, and over the counter eye drops.

With the holidays coming up at the end of the year, they couldn’t give me a definite timeframe, but believe it to be early January, and the second one 2 – 3 weeks later.



  1. That is so good, Susie, to have an ‘almost’ definite date now…
    The things you will see… hahahhh.
    A girlfriend of mine said having hers done was the best thing she’d ever done!!!

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