Had to find a few minutes before bedtime.

Today was a totally full day. For the past forever, I can’t remember having a day when I went out 4 times, and didn’t get a chance to check emails, only wrote a short blog post, etc.

Yes, it was boxing, then I went to the gym for Body Combat, but never got in there. I was invited to my friend’s condo. I had to drive home, and shower after boxing, and then took them the items they needed, and came home with pretty shoes, and clothing.

30 minutes later I met up with Donna, and we had a nice lunch. I came home for a short time, got the mail, and then started getting ready for the Eagle’s tonight. I met my other good friend Brenda, and we so enjoyed each others company.

It was a 95% good day. The only time it wasn’t was again, when a friend didn’t know about Len’s passing, and when the band played Len’s song, Crazy.

All in all, a positive day.



  1. Getting stronger every day. It’s amazing when things like that happen. I’d like to think that it’s Len’s way of saying he loves you and he’s in a wonderful place.

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