Helping people in life is my goal.

I am here for you all. I have had so many difficult times in my life, somehow got through them all, and each time come out a better person for it.

I know I won’t be on WordPress like I used to be, as I had no life apart from looking after Len. Now I have the gym in the morning, meeting up with friends in the afternoon, and going out in the evening. Last week it was only once, but I had fun last night, and am going out again tonight.

How far you are brought down, you WILL bounce back. With friends, and the right attitude we can overcome anything. I am so thankful for all the blessing I have.



  1. You are inspiring and it is wonderful to hear how happy you are too! Sounds wonderful being at the gym and enjoying time with your friends! 🤩❤️🤠🥰

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