I stopped off at Panera for a bowl of soup, coffee, and a 99 cents blueberry scone.

It usually comes to around $8, and I didn’t hear what the price was. It doesn’t matter is you buy a cup, or bowl he get a small piece of baguette. So I had asked if I could have a larger piece of bread, as it was my main meal. I got charged 99 cents for an extra small piece of bread. It’s not the cost, but the principal. I go into a Panera Bread 5 times a week, and have never been charged for extra bread.

That’s my rant. I did it on purpose, because I got to the timeshare, unpacked the food, and sat on the sofa, and didn’t feel like moving. I finally checked the football app as I have been watching the World Qualifiers matches. England were playing so I stayed on the sofa and watched the first half.

I then made myself go downstairs, and 2 of my friends were drinking wine. They asked me to join them, as I think by by face they knew that I was having a really hard time. I drank my bottle of water, and came back up. I had stopped the match so fast forwarded the halftime, and watched the end. England won 5 – 0.

I warmed the scone, and ate it with melted butter, and it was around 6 p.m. I put shorts, and a top over my bikini as it cools down at sunset, and did manager to walk to John’s Pass, and back. The sun went down very quickly, and no red sky after.

As I past the television area, there was a couple that Len and I had met up with every year for the past 20+ years. They told me how sorry they were, and knew that he hadn’t been a well man, so I ended up talking to them, and crying my eyes out.

We came up the elevator together, I showered, am typing this post, and then going to bed. I just pray that I get more than a couple of hours sleep tonight.



  1. Sometimes there’s good days and other not so good days. I’m glad you were able to share with such good friends that you have known for many, many years. I hope you have a good weekend. ❤️

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