15 minutes after the sunset.

I took a great video, but with our timeshare being almost full, YouTube would not download a 37 seconds one. You will just have to wait until after I get home.

A little better day today, but all my friends that are couples didn’t ask me to join them, even though they asked my room number, and I told them, and said that you have my phone number as we are friends on Facebook.

Since Friday night, I have felt the loneliest, and would have gone home if I wasn’t so fatigued that I didn’t feel safe driving. Also my blurred vision isn’t helping either. I got through the birthday, and the anniversary, and tomorrow my girlfriend Donna is coming down. It’s an hour and 15/30 minutes depending on traffic, so we will walk along the water’s edge, go and have lunch at our favorite spot, and then sit by the pool until she has to leave a little before 4.

I do apologize that I haven’t been keeping up with everyone but my eyes are barely open, and my energy levels need a good kick up the backside.


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