Seabreeze Island Grill, Reddington Shores, Florida.

I had a house Margarita which is delicious. More alcohol that other restaurants that charge twice as much. Donna had a specialty one, mine $3, hers $4.

Loved the puff/flakey pastry under the salmon, with spinach on the top. The bread, and homemade butter is to die for, and dessert we had boxed to bring home.

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  1. You sound like you know your Margaritas! Usually the house ones are the best IMHO. One time I was asked if I wanted mine ‘naked’ and mindlessly said yes…thinking in hindsight that it meant without extra sugar syrup. Oh boy. Was I wrong! It was almost 100% tequila with lots of floating limes and a hearty salty rimmed glass.

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