Update on my son-in-law.

As you know he got Covid after having both vaccinations. He was off work for a fortnight (2 weeks), one paid, and the other he took as vacation.

He had the Astra Zeneca shots, and they came out before the Delta Variant, so his protection wasn’t as good as other brands. He is going back to work, but is so weak, that he has to take half a day, or a day off midweek to recoup enough to complete the week. I thought that the National Health System would have covered this, not obviously not. My daughter said that he is not contagious, but this can go on for up to 12 weeks.

I still can’t plan to go over, or bring them over here. I don’t think it will ever go away.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay



  1. My daughter, 180 miles away from me, has just beeen signed off for a fourth week after getting Covid, gradually getting better, but very tired. Double jabbed and had just had her booster, being NHS she has been very careful all along , but it was her visiting father-in- law brought it! Her husband is fine. It is certainly not going away, same thing happened to my next door neighbours.

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  2. Two cousins in London were infected by Covid after being fully vaccinated. One had to be hospitalized. I think it will subside but perhaps stay with us like flu? My family are recovering and I hope your son in law will feel better soon. I had my third Pfizer booster this week and I had to stay in bed for a day. It gave me an idea of what it might be like to get Covid.


  3. Praying for your son-in-law’s complete recovery. My vaccinated Dad contracted Covid, and he ended up in the hospital. He is 85, but his bout with Covid was very unsettling. He has spent the past week at a rehab center, and he should be able to return home around mid-week. I am so thankful he has been vaccinated.

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