10 p.m. and it’s the first time today I have checked my phone, and laptop.

Last night I felt my old self again, so decided that I would walk the beach this morning, have lunch in my apartment, and drive home. Of course I hit all the school traffic, but actually felt even better when I saw my home.

I had an invitation to go dancing for an hour this evening, Tomorrow night I am going to a party, so had to pick up items to make a huge Sherry Trifle, but I much prefer brandy, or rum. I bought some really good moist cake, and then poured rum over it, and then it soaks in.

Then when I got back, I made up 4 pints of jelly/jello, with water and the juice of the cans of fruit cocktail. It is now cooling down. Then tomorrow morning I will make bird’s custard, and just before the party I will top with whipped cream, and shaved chocolate toffee crunch.

So I have a weeks mail in piles of priority, I have Amazon packages unopened, I haven’t unpacked my clothes yet, but there’s tomorrow.

After the week I have just gone through, I plan on not making plans, and if opportunities arise I will take them, and enjoy them.



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