7 great football matches yesterday, and 2 today.

I felt sorry for Watford yesterday when I watched the 7.30 a.m. match. It was a walkover for Liverpool. Then I went onto Peacock and watched the Southampton – Leeds match, and at long last the Saints actually won a match. I went to the gym, and Panera, so didn’t see the 12.30 match where Chelsea beat little Brentford 1 – 0.

So during the afternoon, I went onto Peacock and watched The Leicester City – Manchester United game, and to my delight Leicester beat United 4- 2. All I can say is brilliant.

I bet Sheree was happy with Aston Villa beating Wolves 2 – 0 right up until the 80th minute. Then 3 goals from Wolverhampton in the last ten minutes + added time. Sorry.

I am now watching Everton – West Ham, and routing for the hammers. Then at 11.30 it will be Newcastle – Tottenham, so you know that I always go with the London, and southern teams.

Just love my football.



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