So enjoyed my massage today.

I did enjoy my 30 minutes of the Core class. I managed a great workout in that short time. Then it was straight to the attorney’s office. After all these months, I have the 4th Trust amendments. Two of them were when his daughters passed away. I am not sure that the other one was, but I had the blessing of Len’s remaining daughter, to have everything go to my daughter, and then my eldest granddaughter.

This is so neither of them will have to work, and will be able to take care of my youngest granddaughter with special needs. She needs 24/7 care, and both of them have made the commitment to take care of her. Now I am happy knowing that this is in place, and nothing can prevent it.

I came home for a short time at lunchtime, and had a meal size protein bar, and off for my massage. I can’t tell you how it takes away the stress from my body, and I am left feeling amazing.

So it’s feet up now, and watch the Manchester City match, and also the Liverpool one. I moan about having to pay to stream football matches, but at least I can watch them on my own time.

Image by Mariolh from Pixabay



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