Highest numbers of Covid cases in England since March.


I have been watching ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Britbox. It’s all doom and gloom. Not only are they putting fear into the country, but don’t have the doctors, volunteers, etc., to do the amount of vaccinations needed to get herd ammunity.

Also the cost of living is rising far quicker than the wages people are receiving.

They went to a food bank, and the numbers of people needing help used to be 500 a month, and now is 1,100 a week.

I was thinking of going to England in February, not for the weather as I don’t know if I could even leave my daughter’s house, but to celebrate my youngest granddaughter’s birthday, and mine. I haven’t seen them in 13 years, because of caring for Len.

With the new mutation of the Delta variant currently making up 6% of the UK Coronavirus cases. Critical care units are running to almost full capacity, and this is again stopping people getting the surgeries that they need.

This is such a worry for people there, and also the ones that want to visit.


  1. This is what happens when you declare « Freedom Day [from Covid]» and no one wears masks. Where protocols are much stronger in Europe, the numbers are nowhere near as high, vaccination rates are superior and booster shots are being rolled out. However, I do feel sorry for you and your family as it’s worrying about getting together. It’s probably easier for you to go to UK, rather than vice versa, but I would definitely wait for better statistics and weather.

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  2. We have not seen our son who lives in London since October 2019. We are hoping he can come over to see us at Christmas. I would be nervous going to the UK with such high Covid numbers. We hope that next year things will be better.

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  3. England is smaller than Florida, with people in close proximity. They really didn’t have a chance. Most homes have 1 bathroom, whereas I have 3 to choose from. I think our governor was too lenient.


  4. Yes.I knew you were on the other side of Florida . Wellington is horse central over the winter season. People from all over North America come to train and compete in hunter jumper and dressage. They also come from Europe!

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