It’s 9 p.m. Thursday night,

and this week has just disappeared on me.

Yes, I have been working out every morning, and feel that the old me, before the malnutrition stage/tears in the rotator cuff, is starting to come back.

I am still around about 116 lbs., which is 10 lbs. more that my lowest weight. I am really hoping that it will turn into muscle, and not that little bulge I am starting to get around my middle. People laugh when I say that it has only gone on in one place. All my friends say that I am looking better than I have in a long time, so this 8 stone 4 pound weight must be looking good to others.

Today was boxing, crunches, and dancing with my friend, Brenda, this evening.

Tomorrow morning, I plan on doing the Zumba class.


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