Cloudy day and sunset.

I noticed a big difference in the temperature at the beach from 8 days ago. Being a cloudy day meant that it was perfect walking weather. I also did all my stretches for my shoulder, and then a little shadow boxing.

A football passed me just out of reach. I went to throw it back, and saw Premier League on it. I had to talk to this bunch of lads, probably in their 20’s. We got talking about Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal. One of the guys sitting down beckoned me up the beach. These were really great young men, I got to talk about so much to them. They had music which was quiet, not like the loud boomboxes that you pass. I was moving to the music, and this lad spoke about my boxing. They were so interested. I spent around an hour talking to them, and ended up having a Coors Hard Seltzer in mandarin flavor. It was delicious, had vodka in it, which is what I drink, and only 90 calories.

As the time was getting on, really not much of a sunset tonight, I walked back to the timeshare. It was a total pleasure to spend time with these knowledgeable young people.



  1. Bonjour SUSIES bon dimanche belle semaine vois-tu

    Notre amitié, c’est comme une fleur
    Elle est née et a su s’épanouie re tout en douceur de jours en jours
    Elle peut durer une vie, pour toujours entre nous
    Où s’arrêter et se faner en un jour
    Alors savons la préserver bisous Bernard

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  2. In the last few years it’s really grown. I love the Thai restaurant, but there’s Mexican, a family restaurant on one corner, and then on the opposite side of the road all new shops, and restaurants 😊

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