Autumn is coming to Florida.

Today was a cooler day with rain on and off, most of the afternoon. It did clear up tonight, but way too much cloud to see a sunset.

It wasn’t bikini weather today.

Lunchtime was great. I try to get to Cody’s Roadhouse Grill when they open. This was also the time when the Liverpool – Manchester United match started. Patrick the Manager, is always kind enough to put the Premier League football on a large screen that I can see.

Every server I have had since Len’s passing has been great. The first time, I ordered, and had to have my food to go. Since then I have told my server that I am a recent widow, and they still put me on a booth for 6 people.

I gave JT my complete order when he came over. I asked for a glass of water, the all you can eat salad as I am a big salad eater. The beef pot roast, and cheesecake with chocolate, and raspberry drizzle, in a to go box. It always comes with endless yeast rolls.

I ate the 2 small plates of salad, and the 2 rolls. My dinner had already been brought out by one of the kitchen staff. I had eaten a little of the meat, and carrots. J.T. came back, and asked if he could get me anything. I said a little more salad, and rolls. He brought the salad out in a bowl, and immediately put it in a box for me. He also brought boxes for my dinner, and my dessert in a box.

I brought home, salad, 2 rolls, most of my dinner, and the dessert. I won’t have to eat out again as this will last me until Tuesday. For tea tonight I had one of the rolls with some of the heated meat. Still loads left, as well as the whole sweet potato. I give my server a really good tip because having owned a restaurant, they don’t make money on a single person on a large table. They are very appreciative, and so am I.

Between the showers I got to see this cute sand sculpture that I wanted to share with you.


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