Watching West Ham – Tottenham on the television, and Brentford – Leicester on one of my phones,

I should be going to church this morning, but the Lord will understand that this is a long weekend at the beach, and I went 2 weeks ago when in Treasure Island. I talk to him throughout the day, and he is with me all the time, and understands that the beach, and football are a comfort to me.

With Spurs in 4th, and the Hammers in 5th place I really don’t know who I want to win. I love both teams, and a draw would take 2 vital points away from both teams. So I guess that I want one of them to win, and get the 3 points.

Both Leicester and Brentford are in the middle of the standings, and I would love for Brentford to pick up the 3 points, but Leicester already scored a goal in the 14th minute. Brentford have already had 6 goal attempts so it’s anyone’s game.

It’s great because I have the sound on the West Ham match, and the sound off with captions on, on my phone. Works great.



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