24 carat gold face and neck.

I had my second facial after buying products at Tyrone Square Mall. This time I had the 24 carat gold treatment for my face, and neck, and then the blue light, followed by the red light treatment.

It is 2 months since I purchase the products, and my crows feet around the eyes are almost gone, and my cheeks are so much fuller.

Using the products that I bought 2 months ago, and today, I am planning on looking like how I feel. I will continue with my new treatment schedule, and post updates from time to time.

Here are today’s photos just with the gold face and neck mask. I should have taken a photo after the 2 light treatments, but will probably do that in a week or twos time.

Here was after my first application, prior to a facial.

You can see that my skin tone, and fullness has really improved.



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