Getting into the swing of my boxing again.

Yesterday I went to the gym to do crunches, and boxing. When I arrived at the gym my crunch machine was in use, and a guy was on the boxing bag, and still punching when I left.

After around ten minutes I was able to get on the only crunch machine that doesn’t pull on my left shoulder. I did around 1,200 crunches, because I had planned to do boxing. With no joy on that front, I went to where the machines were, and found the ones that you can utilize one arm at a time.

I did the 4 kinds of machines to allow my shoulder in all positions. I pulled 30 pounds on each side on 2 of the machine, and 40 pounds on the other 2. I only did 2 sets on each, as I am still going very gently on my left shoulder.

As the guy never left the only boxing bag they have, I was determined to do more in my session with Patrick at 9 a.m. this morning. I really gave it my all, and my heart rate was soaring. I really felt in the zone, apart from the time he was calling out numbers for right/left punch, right/left hook, and right/left uppercuts. He mixed them up, and my brain was way behind my physical self.

At the end of our session I increased my uppercuts. I believe the first time he wanted a minute, and I did a minute 30. Last week he wanted two minutes, and I did 3. So today’s 3 minutes turned into 4. So you see I am really coming along. I still have to lower my left shoulder after several jabs/hooks/and uppercuts, but that is understandable.

I was really happy with my 30 minutes at Load More Plate.



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