Took my neighbor to the Eagles tonight.

A month or so ago I invited my neighbor, who lost her husband 3 years ago, out for a drink, and listen to a live band. She canceled at the last minute.

She phoned last week, and reminded me about going out. So I asked her if she would like to come to the Eagles. I would pick her up, drive there, have one drink, and leave around 7.30 p.m. She initially said No, as she said that she had so much to do.

I kind of pushed her a little, because she doesn’t go out. I told her all you have to do is get ready, and you don’t have to dress up. I picked her up around 5.50, and she had had her hair styled, painted her nails, and had a pretty dress, shoes, and handbag.

We found a quiet table as she is still very concerned about Covid. She asked me how old Len would have been, and I said 88, and she replied the same age as me. I thought she was around 80 as she looked amazing. I went and got our drinks, and we chatted. The band started playing, and I did ask her if she wanted to dance. She didn’t want to, but told me to go dance. I danced in my seat, and planned to take her home at 7.30. At 7.20 she said that she was ready to go, and I said that’s fine, as I had finished my drink, and would have been leaving shortly.

Of course it was dark when we came out, and she told me that she hasn’t been out in the dark. I said not a problem, as it’s only 3 miles, and I use these same roads several times a day. She thanked me, and I was pleased that now she will have something to talk about to her family.



  1. It’s important to go out when your partner dies, when my father died my mother was asked by friends on numerous occasions to go out but all she wanted was for me to come round and sit with her, I had assumed she might take up their offers later but after a while they stop asking. Unfortunately seeing my mother every night did nothing for my social life and I feel hers would have been better had she taken up her friends offers earlier. Personally I like socialising, it keeps you young and mentally alert, there’s plenty of time to stay in when your body gets too old for going out!

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