After a day of showers the cold front has arrived.

Yesterday I left my car outside the garage so that it got washed by the rain. I then brought it into the garage as it was still raining, and sponged it off. Cleaned the windows, and mirrors, and it was even better than putting it through a carwash.

This morning I have the windows open to freshen the air in the house, and the a/c off for an hour or two. It will get up to around 80 today, but a lot cooler than it has been for months. To me this is the perfect weather, and wish it could stay this warm all winter long.



  1. I haven’t seen my youngest granddaughter since she was 5. She is on the high end of the spectrum, with severe learning disabilities. It will be her 18th birthday. I missed too much taking care of Len, and so want to hug her.

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