Red Lobster for lunch today.

Len’s daughter used to send him gift cards for Red Lobster, but never went there. They met up with friends so tried the restaurant chain. They had $9.99 specials, and chose the battered fish with a side. They loved it, and sent me photos, so today Donna, and I met there.

I showed our server the photo on my phone, and said that we had come for the cod special. She told us it was a good choice. I had a Margareta, and Donna 2 glasses of Sangria. Straight out of the oven we got their cheese biscuits. They were amazing.

As you can see the fish was a huge piece. We both removed the bun, and delved into the fish. It was great, but unfortunately they didn’t have the Malt vinegar to go with it. Our server brought more hot biscuits just as we were asking for to go boxes. We both had half our fish, and 2 biscuits to take home. So I am all set for another meal.

I am feeling lazy after an alcoholic drink, and our meal, but I did get to do Zumba class this morning.


  1. Say what? You live in one of the greatest areas for Sea Food in the World, and you went to a commercial chain? Like Maybe Salt Rock Grill in Indian Shores, Rumbas, Island Way….all with better Seafood.

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