My left shoulder is much improved.

Yesterday I went to the gym, and did boxing on the bag for the first time. Because it is filled with sand, it sometimes isn’t even, and when you punch you can feel the impact in your shoulder. I didn’t jab that hard, but was delighted with my 20 minutes of physical exercise.

From there I went on the crunch machine, and only did half of my 2,200 average. Even though it is cooler, the sweat was pouring off of me.

At home I did the 4 minute abs workout twice, and dancing in the afternoon, and evening. I put the Bohemian Rhapsody movie on, that I bought on Amazon Prime, sang and danced while watching it. I can never get enough of it, especially the Live Aid part.


  1. Oh that’s probably very helpful to use a fitness machine for the crunches. Interesting, I don’t belong to a gym as I think of the stables or barn with my horses as the gym. Haha, I’ll figure out a way to work in more crunches!!

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