Yesterday Body Pump, and today Core.

I am really delighted to say that I completed both classes. I even upped my weight slightly on a couple of the sections, in the Pump class.

Today I told our instructor that as I had my booster vaccine yesterday afternoon, I may not be able to do an exercise if I have to lay on that side. I have had no reaction to the jab at all. I had already told myself yesterday that this would be a piece of cake, and that I wouldn’t get any pain, swelling, headache, chills, etc. and I haven’t. Being on my own I have to have a positive outlook on everything, and it works great for me.

My stamina is improving each week, and I am lifting a little more. My motion in my left shoulder is better, and I’m still not there yet, but I am extremely happy with choosing exercise over surgery.

Image by LouisBauer from Pixabay



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