What would be the best way of selling these.

I have never sold anything on eBay, and have heard stories where items have been mailed out, and the buyer insists it was damaged, not received, not up to the quality expected, so really don’t want to go into that field. I did look on eBay for prices of the police helmets, and it varied right up to a couple of hundred dollars.

The others are a Canadian Mounty hat, and a German police cap, and 3 Shriner’s fezzes. I need to brush all of them as they have been sitting on shelves for years.

Also I don’t want anyone to come to the house, and I don’t want to give too much personal information. Any ideas?



  1. I know you’ve said no to EBay but I really think that is your best bet and is usually relatively hassle free. Otherwise, check to see when the next collectors/militaria fair is on nearby and sell them to a dealer; who will of course offer you a price below a collector’s one. Good luck!

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  2. I have sold things on ebay and generally had no problems, if you’re unsure how to do it find a younger person who is competent at computer stuff and ask for help, I’m sure you will have no problems selling these items. From personal experience I wouldn’t bother putting a reserve as I find it encourages people to bid and in the end they will fetch what they’re worth anyway. In Britain we have groups who specifically dress in Police uniforms and 1940’s clothes, there is bound to be a buyer for all of these items. Good luck.

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  3. Some peeps say they have good luck on Facebook Marketplace. There’s also Nextdoor, but that opens up the possibility that someone might want your address to pick up. On the other hand, you’ll know who they are…

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  4. My husband has sold on eBay for years and uses PayPal. I know you say you don’t want to hassle with eBay but if you’re the seller, it’s a win, win for you because you will honestly sell and ship the item. I’ve not heard of the buyers complaints, but maybe they actually got items that weren’t good? Anyways, you could also check local thrift stores or antique shops maybe? But they’ll want a small commission, not sure the best route but eBay isn’t that bad. My husband has good ratings and sold some nice stuff. 😀

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  5. I’ve never used ebay either, but my daughter does with no problems. I have no idea how to set that up though.
    If you really don’t care about making money on the items, consider donating to a museum, or even a college or high school theater arts program for use in their costumes. 😉

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  6. My husband has sold a lot of things on Craigslist. They can email you through Craigslist so your email info is not shown, nor is your home address. And he NEVER lists a phone number. He meets them at a nearby mall parking lot–which is every open with a lot of people. I go with him, too…just in case. He has sold a ton, Susie. But your personal info is never given out. Good luck with whichever way you choose to go.

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