Ruby Tuesday meals today.

I had an email from Ruby Tuesday for a b.o.g.o.f for this week, so I suggested to Donna that we go there.

They had their Ruby Refresher drink for $5, or $6 for the large. We went for the large, and it was nice and fruity, and didn’t taste too much of alcohol.

We both chose the 6 ounce steak, and shrimp that came with 2 sides. Donna went for the baked potato, and mushrooms ($2 extra). and I had the mashed potato with a cup of broccoli cheese soup ($2 extra).

My soup was good, and I ate the shrimp. I brought the steak, and mash home, which I have just eaten. Donna said that the steak was a little tough, and after just eating mine, I have to agree.

Our check would have come to $60 if we hadn’t have had one of the dinners for free. With tip it was $46. I have to say that it was just about worth the $46, but if we had paid full price, I would have been disappointed.



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