250.0K visitors to my site.

I rarely look at my insights on the stats page, but had a smile when I saw this one. A nice rounded number.



  1. Great Job! 891 Thousand
    Views And 250 Thousand
    Visitors to Word Press Susie

    You Are Likely The
    Most Accomplished
    Person i Interact on

    Word Press This Way
    However Perhaps A

    Most Important Insight
    You’ve Provided in The
    Past is “The Adsense”
    Revenue You Gain
    Just About Breaks
    Even With The

    Money You
    Pay For The
    Site Hehe For
    me The Fees
    Are A Yearly Tithe
    Haha Yet it’s True Like
    You i Don’t Put All My
    Eggs in the Word Press


    And Receive Millions
    More Views Off of
    Other Art Avenues

    And Copy And
    Pastes To Other
    Blogging And


    Avenues As
    Like You i’m

    Already Financially
    Independent And

    This is All For Fun
    And Actual Connection

    As Most All The 9.8
    MiLLioN Words Of
    Free Verse Poetry
    Are Simply Copy
    And Paste

    Free Verse
    Just Like This
    Globally on Other
    Folks Inspiring Sites

    As i rest my Feet In
    98 Months of 15,666

    Miles of Public
    Dance Now too

    Life is For Living
    Making Money is

    For Others Now
    And Word Press
    Isn’t A Feasible
    Avenue to Do
    That For Most

    Folks Who Are Serial
    Liking Without Reading

    A Word in
    Hopes of

    On This

    It’s Like
    To Play
    Pro Ball

    For Money
    Less Than
    1 Percent Reach
    That Level Slave

    To A Target Audience

    To Make it as Well

    Glad My
    Days Are Over
    Good Way to
    Get “Shot Down”
    Too From The Work

    A Day Away From Play

    Life So Bravo Keep

    Fun in
    Retirement Dear🙌☺️

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