An extremely full day tomorrow.

If you don’t see my name in your notifications tomorrow, there is a very good reason. I will be driving down to Treasure Island beach for 4 meetings tomorrow. Yes, you read that correctly. We have an afternoon one, a 5 p.m., the A.G.M. at 6.30, and a final board meeting after that one is completed.

I am taking one little bag with me, with a change of clothes, toiletries, pills, as well as some raison bread, butter, coffee, and individual creamers for breakfast on Thursday. Because of my blurred vision there was no way I could drive home, so will literally sleep in the apartment, have breakfast, and put everything in my car.

If the weather is nice, I plan on walking the beach for an hour or two before heading home. I am not taking a laptop down with me, just my phone.

Photo taken earlier this year.



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