I received an empty Amazon package today.

I might have wondered if it had been tampered with if left on my front doorstep, like they sometimes do, but this was in my mailbox. It was with my letters, and I thought how strange as it was completely flat. The label was near the top, so I cut the bottom of it, and there was nothing but air in it.

I went on the Amazon website, and clicked on this order that stated ‘delivered’. I then went into ‘return or replace’. I asked for it to be replaced, and a box came up where I wrote what had happened. I then clicked on continue, and I have to return the empty bag to Kohl’s so that I don’t have to pay for the replacement.

Surely the ‘bots’, or whatever they are called should have picked up that I only have the packaging to return. Doesn’t it sound idiotic to have to do this? Well it will get done later this week when I have time.



  1. I placed an order a couple of weeks ago. There was one item that would be backordered so I just deleted it. (it was a bulb for a bug zapper) We received the items that I did order and all was well. Today we received the bug zapper bulb as a gift. Strange but appreciated.

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