USA beat Mexico 2 – 0

This football match took place at 9 p.m. eastern time last night, that’s why I didn’t write about it. In the first half it was a fairly even match, and both teams could have gone in the lead.

It wasn’t until Pulisic, who plays in the English Premier League came on that the USA had more of the play. Pulisic scored in the 74th minute, and another goal my McKennie in the 85th.

The match almost got out of hand a couple of times, and the US received 3 yellow, and a RED card in the 89th minute, and Mexico 2 yellows. Mexico actually had more possession than the US.

A match like this proves that the Premier League players are truly world class, and that it is the best league in the World.

Image by Ann — please donate from Pixabay



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