8 hours of World Cup Qualifiers

I love times like this when my days are filled with football. Yesterday I got to watch several matches, and every day that they play. It will be England’s turn again tomorrow so you know where I will be.

Tuesday is the last day of the rounds of countries playing each other, and I have my cataract measurements, and my consult. That is when they will try to get me to spend as much money as they can get out of me. Len had the regular lenses that are provided with Medicare. I can have one of those but as I have an astigmatism in an eye, I will pay to have the corrected lens in that one.

I have already had a cup of coffee and breakfast, so feet up, second coffee while watching Croatia against Russia. Both great teams.

Paying for ESPN+ is so worthwhile. I couldn’t imagine not being able to see these brilliant football matches.



  1. It’s so good to have a ‘love’ like yours with football.
    I don’t enjoy football, but, I do enjoy dancing. So, I understand watching something all day long and getting such a buzz from it.

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